Common Bodybuilder Mistakes
by Justin Leonard

To look experienced and professional on stage, you must first appear to know what is going on. Believe it or not, the smallest attributes will show someone's experience level. The following is a list of often made beginners mistakes:

Chewing Gum On stage

This creates an unprofessional look and tends to draw negative attention.

Not Having A Memorized Posing Routine

A clear sign of someone's experience level is evident in how they pose. A memorized posing routine gives the appearance of having experience. It may also help with placing when decisions are close.

Not Knowing the Mandatory Poses

The mandatory poses are what the judges base the majority of the points on. This is the minimum requirement for being successful. Not knowing the mandatories shows inexperience.

Forgetting Important Items

Posing trunks, posing oil, etc. Be prepared. Don't get left out.

Posing for the Crowd During Prejudging

Pose for the judges only during prejudging. The night show is when you pose for the crowd.

Too Much Dancing or Ballerina Movements

If people wanted to see a theatre play, they would have gone to one. They want to see muscle! Don't bore the crowd. Show them what they want to see.

Mistiming a Posing Routine

Be sure your routine is well rehearsed and does not exceed the time limit. DJs and MCs are on strict schedule for timeliness.

Going Through Poses Too Quickly

Hold poses long enough for everyone (especially judges) to get a good look at your physique. Don't flash pose.

Bad Attitude or Unsportsmanlike Conduct

This shows unprofessionalism. Always show sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship is memorable and goes much further in the long run than a win. People forget wins within weeks after the show. They don't forget memorable (kind) people.

Forgetting to Take Jewelry, Sandals, Shoes, or Glasses Off

It does happen! I have personally witnessed each of these mistakes! Before going out onstage, go through an ops check before it's too late.

Using Substitute Posing Trunks

Posing trunks are specifically designed for bodybuilding and fitness competitors. They are specifically designed to give the body an enhanced look, mainly around the waistline. Thick-sided posing trunks are a thing of the past and create a blocky waistline appearance.

Reverting Back to Old [Bad] Habits

If someone who has experience gives you a pointer or recommendation, it's because they probably know best or they may see flaws that you can't see. Take their advice! They only want to better your condition/appearance onstage.



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